That's right, we only sell 100% organic

Champion Organic Foliar Fertilizer - Indoor and Outdoor Plant Fertilizer – All Purpose Plant Food - Eco-Friendly and Chemical-Free

 Contains organic and natural plant materials including Lithonia, Russian, Comfy & Ash blended together to yield a high quantity organic fertilizer.  

Organic Fields rescues and upcycles farmers market food waste that is destined for landfills and transforms it into eco-friendly microbial fertilizer. The food waste feeds the beneficial microbes in our biofertilizer and when applied to plants, it builds healthy soils which promotes vigorous plants. ‚Äč We care about the planet and empower farmers like yourself to join our mission to grow healthy and abundant plants while preserving our precious environment. Grow more by using less!


  • Provide nutrients direct to the leaves.
  • Increases photosynthetic power of plants
  • Boosts plants growth.
  • Increase plant immunity
  • Increase production for upto 30%