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Organic Copper Power - Indoor and Outdoor Plant Fertilizer – All Purpose Plant Food - Eco-Friendly and Chemical-Free

 This is a copper deficiency corrector and is formulated with organic acids. These organic acids are highly mobile and no-toxic to plants, Organic Copper power provides the plant with an adequate supply of coppe, boosting plant metabolism, health, and photosynthesis. It provides the plant with all the benefits associated with copper concerning defense against attacks by external fungal agents.   

Organic Fields rescues and upcycles farmers market food waste that is destined for landfills and transforms it into eco-friendly microbial fertilizer. The food waste feeds the beneficial microbes in our biofertilizer and when applied to plants, it builds healthy soils which promotes vigorous plants. ‚Äč We care about the planet and empower farmers like yourself to join our mission to grow healthy and abundant plants while preserving our precious environment. Grow more by using less!


  • Provides copper, essential for plant metabolism
  • Systematic action, non-toxic
  • Present in proteins and enzymes used in photosynthesis, generation of cellular energy, and detoxification of free radicals.  
  • protects plants against external agents
  • Does not spot or stain or leave residues in the soil
  • Reduces need for traditional copper applications by 90%